It can be challenging to keep up with all of the technological advances in today’s world. By the time you get used to one form of technology, it is probably already outdated! You do not need to be an expert about all areas of technology, but it is helpful to understand the products that are used the most.
One of the areas that is rapidly growing and expanding is telecommunications. Thanks to the power of cell phones and the Internet, it is easier than ever to keep Continue reading »


What Are the Security Risks for Businesses that Rely on VoIP?

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Companies and businesses that are concerned about managing their sensitive information in the most secure ways would do well to consider the potential risks that their telecommunications services and resources may be creating. From promoting greater security-awareness among your staff to working with a service provider who can offer you superior service without greater risk, there may be many ways that you can address such concerns. Having your information compromised or fall into the wrong hands can be nothing short of a disaster, one that your business can ill afford to deal with in Continue reading »

Having a smartphone or Droid phone can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family while being able to download great apps that you can use daily. Using nanobot apps on your Droid phone may seem like a great idea, but when you visit the app store, there will literally be thousands of apps available for you to download. Knowing which apps are good will definitely help you if you want to be able to have something that is going to benefit you or allow you to play a fun game in the Continue reading »


How to Create a WAN Network for Your Business

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Creating an online network for your growing business is one of the best ways to stabilize yourself as a company. There are quite a number of options that happen to be available to you if you want to go viral with your company and have it available on the Internet for others to see. One thing you need to think about doing is to have an Internet company specific to your area install their service for you. This service will often cost a fee and you Continue reading »

Smart watches sound great from a design perspective. It makes sense in light of the number of spy watch ideas that have been admired by young mystery fans through the years. It also seems sensible for those who have a tough time keeping track of things. Wouldn’t a smart watch make it tough to lose your cellphone? While the concept may seem brilliant, the reality is that the product probably won’t see a huge success in the tech market.

One of the main reasons the smart watch isn’t apt to be a hot item is Continue reading »


Social Media Is Now an Extremely Powerful Political Tool

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The internet and social media have become important tools in the political arena. Social media can be a politician’s best friend or worst nightmare. There have been numerous cases in which social media websites have uncovered major political scandals involving sex and other provocative issues. Politicians have used certain sites to engage in inappropriate relationships that have led to affairs. Of course, adultery is something that brings shame to any public figure and ultimately leads to resignation.

Many politicians are now embracing the power of social media in order to win votes. Continue reading »

VoIP is a form of internet communications not very far removed from the traditional telephone. Questions may be asked about whether or not VoIP will eventually replace the traditional telephone as the years progress. As it seems now, it is highly likely VoIP will replace the traditional telephone. Of course, technological advancements and achievements will be required in order for this result to be attained.

Technology is always advancing. The early forefather to the telephone was the telegraph system. The eventual creation of the modern hardwired phone took quite a bit of time. Over one hundred years passed for the traditional telephone to eventually be surpassed by the mobile phone. VoIP may be the next phase in the continual evolution of the phone. However, this might take some time. There are some very obvious problems with switching over to VoIP at the present time, Namely, it is not reliable for making emergency calls.

In time,, however, these bugs will be worked out. Currently, millions upon millions of people are using their mobile phones to connect the the internet. As wireless internet continues to become more widespread, it is likely cell phones made exclusively for VoIP will arrive on the market.
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